Dance Fitness

The Bandon classes will be held in Bandon Town Hall (P72 E448) on Tuesdays, we’ll have 2 classes at 6-7pm & 7-8pm.

The next term is for 10 weeks & starts on June 14th and will run every Tuesday until August 15th. The cost of the term is €99, paid in advance.

Classes are extremely popular and we’ll have no more than 20 people in each class. We will sell out well in advance of the start date, don’t miss out. Click time slot below to sign up now!

We have people of all ages, shapes, sizes, dance abilities & fitness levels. As long as you can march on the spot, you’re physically fit enough for us. We pride ourselves on allowing people go at their own pace, we don’t scream and shout like PTs or gym instructors. 

We are primarily a fitness class using dance steps, those steps being The Cha-Cha, The Jive & The Samba. By the end of the term you’ll comfortably be able to do those dances and your fitness levels will have drastically increased.